Why Should You Use Shopify As Your Online Store Builder?

If you’re wondering what is Shopify? Here I am writing a short and clear answer for you! Shopify is a web-based platform that allows various business owners to run their own online store and make their presence in the internet market.Next Question may be arising in your mind is why Shopify? Why not other web builders? Well, let me tell you that Woo Commerce is comprised of lots of bugs and various other Web builders like Word Press are not compatible for opening an online store. On the other hand, Shopify is enriched with various features that are useful for start-up as well as for multi-million dollar businesses.

Do you know more than 5,00000 businesses across 175 countries are strengthened by Shopify based online stores? A more interesting fact is that famous e-commerce stores like eBay or Amazon, are powered by Shopify.


Some reasons to choose Shopify for your online store

Completely Reliable and Secure :
Shopify employed some people whose job is to monitor the complete network for 24/7 to prevent it from all type of attacks. They also assist to solve any issue that arises. Moreover, they have also implemented some features to protect your system from trojans and viruses attacks. While opting Shopify you can also go for SSL or even PCI compliance to accept payments through credit cards and can easily store sensitive information without having to know the technical details of how it works. Various other web builders also offer these features but Shopify offers a high level of security at a small price.

Get Responsive Website :
While running you’re online, the biggest challenge you face is website responsiveness. Each second delay for loading your website increases the probability that customer leaves your page and visit the competitor’s website. In addition to this, statistics have also revealed that your site visitor will only wait for 4 seconds and after that, he will leave your website. Therefore it is really important for an e-commerce website to improve responsiveness. There are various factors which we need to consider while improving the speed of your website. But if you opt Shopify then you do not need to worry about the speed. Shopify handles speed & security at a “global” platform level.

Marketing :
What if you don’t get an audience for your online store? Attracting more & more customer for your goods and services is called marketing. Shopify really excels in the field of marketing. Shopify is not just good in offering smart tools for marketing but also provide some essentials such as SEO. They also make sure that these essentials do their work efficiently.

Design :
An optimum web-builder offers at least different levels of customization: The first level is that the website should be visually appealing, the second level is that it should be easily improvable without the need to hire veteran designers. WordPress is a perfect example of this.

All The Necessary Features :
Either you are creating your own e-commerce solution or shopping for an all-in-one solution, in both cases putting all the necessary features together is a difficult task. Shopify offers you all the vital features which are required to open an online store.

Want to open your online store, Shopify is the best solutions. Talk to our expert developers at Binary Data and learn more benefits about Shopify.

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