Upcoming Trending Technologies In 2019

There is a big list of technologies which will be in vogue in 2019.We all know that the technology is growing with a rapid pace and leaving the greater impact on society. This transformation not just change the digital world but also affect people, organizations and also changed our daily life routines. Here is a small list described out of a big bunch of 2019 technologies.


Have you ever wondered what it would be if you are able to control your home appliances from your office cabin? Yes, it sounds really interesting and it is possible too with the help of IoT technology.

From the name of technology it is quite clear that this technology is linked with internet. If a device is continuously linked with internet and transrecieving the data then that it can be controlled remote location.

Confused!! To make it simple. Let’s take an example of an Home automation system build by using the IoT technology. In this system the control switches of all the appliances are connected with embedded system and Wi-Fi module to provide the remote control and connectivity. Now the user can switch the device turn off/on by using mobile phone or laptop from distant location.


In the year of 2008, Satoshi Nakamato introduced the term Blockchain. In all Crypto-currencies, the blockchain technology is the backbone. In this technology, the track of each and every data exchange is maintained.

In the world of Cryptocurrency three terms are widely popular: Ledger, Transaction and Block. The record kept in Block chain is known as Ledger.Data exchange in Cryptocurrency is known as Transaction. All the transactions in Block chain are validated and after that added to the Ledger and that is termed as Block. Some applications of Block chain to change the conventional design of society are follow:

Quicker Financial services:

The conventional financial services are really very slow, cumbersome and less efficient due to high error probability. So there is an alternative (Blockchain) to make the system quicker, stress free and cheaper.

Smart contracts:

Now what is this smart contract??

Let’s take an example of property dealing in smart way. Often newspapers full of news related to the property fraud is common. Blockchain can change the traditional system of property dealing and number of frauds can be reduced significantly. To obtain this the smart embedded system need to be inserted in the tangible and intangible property and register these properties on the ledger with the name of the owner. Only owner will have the access to his property by using smart key. Exchange of any two smart key is only possible if the contract is validated.


Augmented reality is widely popular in the modern world as it will make the virtual world feel like a real world. It is possible by augmented computer graphics that generates perceptual information which we can hear, feel and see. With the help of Augmented reality objects in the digital world perceived by the person as they reside in real environment by displaying the information as immersive sensations. Some exciting applications of Augmented Reality:

3D Viewers:

To explain the 3D Viewer Sun Seeker app would be the good example. This application can be run on Android and iOS medium. This application is helpful for Architect, Photographer, Cinematographer etc. With the help of Sun Seeker application, a person can have 3D visualisation of solar path, solstice path in summer as well as winter. With the help of this Application you can track the path of the Sun and sunlight for Today or any of the day in future.

AR in Browsers:

Argon4 is an example of AR in browsers. This browsers helps in augmenting the real time 3D view. One more example is AR browser SDK, this helps the user to develop AR solutions.


What if you can share the computing resources with the remote user? As we all know that modern era of technology demands the elasticity in resource availability as per the need of time. So to cope up with this demand it is good approach to embrace the idea of resource sharing over the internet.

Cloud computing make it possible to share the storage systems, software, servers, data base etc. over the internet which in turn reduces the operational cost and time. Term cloud is used here for internet where computing resources and services are shared.

Cloud computing helps the industries to reduce cost, time, flexibility in access of computing resources, enhancing security, increasing productivity and operational efficiency.


This is the next technology in the world of mobile phone connectivity. With the launch of 5G user can experience better connectivity and faster speed. There are various countries in the world who are vying to be the first to launch the 5G technology. South Korea is trying hard and expected to be the first one to launch 5G soon.

This is not an end, list of trending technologies in 2019 is long enough. Curious!! If you need to know more or discuss anything related to this than please contact Binary Data Private Limited to have answers of your questions. Hurry up and get a free session with the team of experts and clear your all doubts.

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