Features Of Google Analytics To Use In 2019

Do you know that now you can track everything in your digital marketing campaign? Yes, that’s right. Due to the availability of various tools in market that offer website owners with website metrics, it is really easy for us to find out the source of traffic at your website and how they like to use your site. I must say with these tools you can track all activities of users- where they are coming from and where they are going. And, this all just due to the availability of the Google Analytics tool.

If you are not acquainted with this analytics tool, then it may look daunting at first, but later on, when you start using it, things will get simpler for you. This tool is helpful for those who want to better understand their audience, and strengthen their marketing strategy. Without analysis, you will spend hours digging deep into the efficiency of marketing tactics, but you won’t be able to know whether your strategies are hitting the target or not. In the end, you will leave with your head spinning. Well, you don’t need to worry because you have google analytics. Let’s start by discussing its different features:


The back-end of Google Analytics is divided into eight different sections :

Dashboard, Shortcuts, Intelligence Events, Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions. But here I will review some core components for you:

Traffic Channels

One of the most important thing that Digital Marketer wants to know the source of traffic. This tool will allow you to find out the different channels through which your customers are locating you. Below are different channels:

This type of traffic is by directly typing your web address in the URL bar.

Organic Search :
These are visits by users due to organic search results or unpaid SEO through Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Social Channels :
Visitors coming through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Visitors coming from the web address given on the email messages while doing mass email marketing campaign. You can add a tracking link to the URLs in your emails by using Google’s URL Builder tool.

Audience to our site by clicking the link provided on another website but not through major search engines.

Paid search:
PPC(Pay Per Click) like Google Adwords will bring traffic at your website through a paid medium. You can link your paid campaign with Google Analytics to examine the traffic report.

Other Traffic:
This traffic is through Online advertisements.

Site Content :
Under this section, you will have four sub-sections: All Pages, Landing Pages, Content Drilldown and Exit Pages.

All Pages:
This will provide the data that how much traffic visited the particular page of your website for the specific time.

Content Drilldown:
This page will show how well is the performance of your website. It means, how much your visitors are engaging with the content of pages of your website. This report will tell you that content which page of your website is not working well for visitors.

Landing Pages:
These pages will show you the report for the pages which are responsible for the conversions. A visitor may go to all the pages of the website but there will be one page at which visitors lands on.

Exit Pages:
This will provide the report for the pages at which the user will exit the website. Usually, you want it to be Contact Page so that the visitors move ahead towards the conversion. And, if it is not then you need to work on rest of your pages.


It’s great if your audience. This will be another helping hand for your marketing campaign. You will get to know which section of society is interested to get engaged with your website content. Who want to buy your products, or inquire about your services. You can optimize your conversion strategy accordingly. Then you can start to dig deeper, mining the different reports for more audience insight.

Bottom Line

Our efforts are not efficient if we don’t analyze whether we are going on the right path or not. Analysis keeps us on right track and helps us to find out new optimum techniques.

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